Portfolio Rebalancing Tool

Portfolio rebalancing is something that all investors should do periodically. This simple tool can be used to calculate how many shares to buy or sell to bring your portfolio into balance according to target asset allocation. Just fill in highlighted columns "Symbol", "Quantity", "Price" (optional), and "Target Allocation". "Action" column will display number of shares that should be bought or sold.

Symbol Quantity Price Target Allocation, % Your Allocation, % Amount Action
{{ x.Quantity * x.Price / getTotal() * 100 | number : 0 }}% {{ x.Quantity * x.Price | currency }} {{ getAction(x) }}
{{ getTotalAllocation() | number }}% {{ getTotal() | currency }}

Next step is to log in to your 401(k) or IRA account and place orders. And do not forget to keep rebalancing regularly.

Using Microsoft Excel or Google Docs

If you would like to use Microsoft Excel or Google Docs you can find insturctions and formulas in Portfolio Rebalancing article.
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